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Fri, May 27, 2016

Double Feature!

Arrive early to see Alfred Hitchcock's PSYCHO teaser on 35mm! The promotion and marketing of PSYCHO was as innovative as the movie itself, including a teaser trailer in which Hitchcock escorts the viewer around the Bates Motel set, hinting at what was to come in the grisly shower scene, but stopping short of plot spoilers. At almost seven minutes, it was by far the longest trailer ever shown in the US, and theaters were not allowed to play any others in the same program. It also marked the first time a toilet had been shown in a mainstream Hollywood movie (accompanied by a salacious reference to “down there” by Hitchcock), circumventing a ban in the MPAA’s production code, because trailers weren’t vetted. The trailer plays tonight in a 35mm print from the collection of a Cinematheque staff member.

And, if you show a ticket stub from any film in this series at the door at the Academy's June 1st 7:30 PM screening of REBECCA at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater, they will admit you for free, just for being a Hitchcock fan!

35 mm!

1959, Warner Bros., 136 min, USA, Dir: Alfred Hitchcock

Cary Grant gives one of his greatest performances as womanizing executive Roger Thornhill, whose cozy life of afternoon cocktails is turned upside down when he’s mistaken for an elusive government operative by suave villain James Mason and his murderous crony, Martin Landau. Eva Marie Saint co-stars as Mason’s elegant mistress, with the wonderful Jesse Royce Landis as Grant’s fur-clad society mom ("You gentlemen aren’t really trying to murder my son, are you?"). Includes some of the most superb set pieces ever filmed - from a seemingly innocuous cornfield to the monolithic Mount Rushmore. Brilliantly scripted by Ernest Lehman (THE SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS) and photographed by veteran Hitchcock collaborator Robert Burks (STRANGERS ON A TRAIN, REAR WINDOW).

1955, Paramount, 106 min, USA, Dir: Alfred Hitchcock

Retired cat burglar Cary Grant and ravishing American party girl Grace Kelly fall in love against a backdrop of fireworks, the French Riviera and a string of unsolved jewel robberies - all the while wearing some of Edith Head’s most stunning costumes. Alfred Hitchcock’s tongue-in-cheek soufflé, complete with surprisingly daring sexual innuendos for the time, is perfect escapist fare. With Charles Vanel (WAGES OF FEAR), Brigitte Auber.

Screening format: 35mm (NORTH BY NORTHWEST), DCP (TO CATCH A THIEF)
Aero Theatre • Fri, May 27, 2016 • 7:30pm

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