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Fri, Apr 25, 2014

Double Feature!

Sean Connery’s character in THE ROCK is named John Patrick Mason, but his grey-haired heroics could just as easily be those of James Bond in NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN. Observe the connections between the characters when you see both films back to back!

1983, Park Circus/MGM, 134 min, UK/USA, Dir: Irvin Kershner

Sean Connery learned not to say “never” when he returned to the screen as James Bond after swearing off the role following DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. In this second adaptation of Ian Fleming’s Thunderball, the British Secret Service agent must recover a pair of nuclear warheads stolen by SPECTRE operative Maximillian Largo (Klaus Maria Brandauer). Made outside of the franchise’s usual Eon Productions, NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN features some new faces playing familiar characters (Max von Sydow as Blofeld, Edward Fox as M) as well as Kim Basinger and Barbara Carrera as the requisite “Bond girls.”

1996, Buena Vista, 136 min, USA, Dir: Michael Bay

FBI chemical weapons specialist Nicolas Cage and ex-convict Sean Connery (the only man to successfully escape from Alcatraz, aka "The Rock"), are enlisted to break into the former prison when a disgruntled U.S. general (Ed Harris) goes over the edge, seizing the island with his elite commandos and threatening to attack San Francisco if his demands aren’t met. Bruckheimer’s first film after splitting with partner Don Simpson, THE ROCK is a mega-octane action machine, delivered with characteristic skill and humor by director Michael Bay and acted by a superb cast including Cage, Connery, David Morse, Michael Biehn and William Forsythe.

Egyptian Theatre • Fri, Apr 25, 2014 • 7:30pm

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