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Spielberg Theatre at the Egyptian
6712 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90028 Map
Sun, Jan 13, 2019

In Person Guests!
Mondo Cult Film Variety Showcase #4: Number Four

This monthly screening series showcases the best new underground, surreal, crazy, experimental, obscene, absurd, rule-breaking and outlaw films from around the world. Mondo screens the brand-new films that have trouble fitting into any one genre, that have trouble finding a home in mainstream film festivals and that leave audiences' minds blown. It's the 21st century and the definitions of "art" and "cinema" no longer have to be inaccessible or pretentious - Mondo Cult Film Variety Showcase makes a statement that art has no rules, film is art and anyone with talent is deserving of being celebrated even if they fail to conform to the rules of mainstream cinema.
This month's films include:
“Camp Death III 2D Trailer” (UK, 2 min. Dir. Matt Frame) The trailer for the highly anticipated feature horror franchise sequel coming out in February 2019 on Amazon Prime!
“Patch Polyester” (USA, 4 min. Dir. John Hartman) An undercover policeman takes on dirty cops, and a bad-ass bitch gang that gouges out one of his eyes. Undaunted by this, he is transformed into PATCH POLYESTER!
“Red Touch Yellow” (New Zealand, 5 min. Dir. Calvin Sang) A girl befriends a severed arm while they are both stuck inside an elevator.
“Monolith” (USA, 12 min. Dir. Zenon Samuels) A young artist attempts to create the perfect painting, leading her on a downward spiral of unexpected and supernatural outcomes.
“Swamp Women Kissing Booth” (USA, 13 min. Dir. Tori Pope) A mossy tale of competitive love, disease, rejection and acceptance ... all told against the backdrop of a vintage swamp setting.
“Sad Hour” (USA, 7 min. Dir. Sean Pettis) Like many, Mildew's allergic to happiness, which is why he'll spend the next hour safely tucked away at his least favorite tavern.
“Dysrhythmia” (USA, 12 min. Dir. Alexander Bickford) In Saturday detention, a hungry student struggles to make it to lunchtime.
“Taste the Spider” (USA, 12 min. Dir. Brian Dorrington) A young couple’s relationship is poisoned when a spider invades their home.
“Gone Sale” (USA, 5 min. Dir. Matt Meindl) Faceless forms inhabit the shadow-sprayed remnants of an electronic shopping mall board game.
“Television” (USA, 13 min. Dirs. Jordan Cooper, John Bradley, Nicole Kaspryz, Tara Dombrowski) A man is forced to endure hours of tortuous television.
“Hot Dog” (USA, 7 min. Dir. T.J. Yoshizaki) In the crime capital of the world, LAPD officer Morgan was having a just another "regular" bad day in the line of duty. Or not.
“Manicorn” (USA, 5 min. Dir. Jim McDonough) A psychedelic cautionary tale about always following the instructions on packaging.
“The Not So Bright Vampire” (USA, 3 min. Dir. Jim Zounis) The brief tale of a not-so-bright but curious vampire and his sudden awareness to pain.
“The Rocky Roads” (USA, 2 min. Dir. Robert Kleinschmidt) The forgotten television variety show “The Rocky Roads” is back with all new adventures.
“Prom Night” (USA, 7 min. Dir. Boise Esquerra) An awkward, nerdy teenager gets more than he bargained for after attempting to pick up his prom date.
“Effervescing Elephant” (USA, 1 min. Dir. Effervescing Elephant) An animated musical short of Syd Barrett's "Effervescing Elephant."

Discussion following with filmmakers in attendance.
108 minutes | Screening format: DCP
Spielberg Theatre at the Egyptian • Sun, Jan 13, 2019 • 7:30pm