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Spielberg Theatre at the Egyptian
6712 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90028 Map
Sat, Dec 29, 2018

In Person Guests!
Mondo Cult Film Variety Showcase #3: Dystopia

This monthly screening series showcases the best new underground, surreal, crazy, experimental, obscene, absurd, rule-breaking and outlaw films from around the world. Mondo screens the brand-new films that have trouble fitting into any one genre, that have trouble finding a home in mainstream film festivals and that leave audiences' minds blown. It's the 21st century and the definitions of "art" and "cinema" no longer have to be inaccessible or pretentious - Mondo Cult Film Variety Showcase makes a statement that art has no rules, film is art and anyone with talent is deserving of being celebrated even if they fail to conform to the rules of mainstream cinema.
This month's films include:
“Transmission” (UK, 17:36 min. Dir. Varun Raman and Tom Hancock) Welcome To Britannia. Together We Stand Alone.
“Commercial for the Queen” (USA, 9:24 min. Dir. Dina Fiasconaro) The Queen of Meatloaf will help spice up this 1950s housewife’s dinner.
“MST3K_V3” (USA, 5 min. Dir. Robin Comisar) An artificial intelligence writes its own jokes riffing on the movie DEATHSTALKER II.
“SCHMIDT – The secret of Mogadishu” (Germany, 15 min. Dir. Ulrich A. Goetz) In 1992, a freshman accidentally travels through time and meets his role model, former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt, in 1977.
“End of the Line” (USA, 14 min. Dir. Jessica Sanders) based on acclaimed writer Aimee Bender's surrealist short story about a lonely man who goes to the pet store and buys a tiny man in a cage.
“Telltale Signs” (USA, 4:23 min. Dir. Jeff Vande Zande) Disgruntled employees ... every profession has them.
“Small Fish, Big City” (Australia, 3:39 min. Dir. Barnaby Fredric) A small-towner comes to the big city for a job in finance, but soon finds that he stands out, for better or worse.
“Cult Film” (UK, 13:35 min. Dir. Alastair Cummings) A lonely bachelor seeks solace in an extra-terrestrial cult.
“The Gatekeepers” (Germany, 8:42 min. Dir. Mirko Hans) A man gets lost searching for room 990 for his job interview.
“STATE OF EMERGENCY MOTHERF**KER!” (Belgium, 5:34 min. Dir. Sébastien Petretti) This is the story of two young guys who just want to talk about sex without being interrupted by the cops.
“foundfootagexx100n.s.1” (USA, 5 min. Dir. Tony Grayson) Watch as neuroscientist Wallace L. Graybill attempts to receive money coins from grants for his important research. It will be candy for your tum tum.
“The Tony Franke Story” (USA, 1 min. Dir. Cody Marion) Tony is a Ralphs meat clerk.

Discussion following with filmmakers in attendance.
107 minutes. | Screening format: DCP
Spielberg Theatre at the Egyptian • Sat, Dec 29, 2018 • 7:30pm