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Aero Theatre
1328 Montana Avenue,
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Sat, Sep 29, 2012

Double Feature! Director Kieron J. Walsh In Person!
Sponsored by the Irish Film Board, Irish Film Institute, Guinness, Aer Lingus, and Culture Ireland, with the support of E.L.M.A. (European Languages and Movies in America)

Before the first feature JUMP, a short film will screen:

"Coward" (27 min). "We are particularly thrilled to present as a curtain-raiser the premiere of David Roddham's new short 'Coward,' which stars McCann as a young Irish infantryman in 1915 having to navigate the horrors of World War I and the reflexive class-cruelty of the British officers ordering him into battle. He is an actor capable of communicating a rare wealth of empathy and irony, without words. Thriftily filmed, yet brought off with epic production value, 'Coward' focuses with an emotional intensity worthy of Kubrick's PATHS OF GLORY on the lethal bigotries at work in the trenches. We are also given a deep, emotionally layered, beautifully drawn relationship between McCann and his vulnerable cousin who have grown up like brothers but are marooned in this corner of hell. In the space of 27 minutes we can understand without having to be told just why Ireland rebelled against English rule in 1916. 'Coward' is so new that it only came to my attention and that of the Irish Fest a week and a half ago. Deep thanks are due to Lisa McLaughlin and Deborah Kolar in making room for it, and to the American Cinematheque for making the Herculean effort of scheduling it last-minute. (Thanks too, to patient ticket-buyers hopeful to see the originally scheduled short, 'The Shore.' It will be showing later.) I was bowled over to discover 'Coward,' and cannot recommend it strongly enough. Enjoy!" - F.X. Feeney, Film Critic (LA Weekly, KPPC Radio)

Before the second feature LET THE PEOPLE SING, a second short film will screen:

"The Shore" (2011, 29 min). Terry George's 2012 Oscar winner for Best Live-Action Short Film follows Joe (Ciaran Hinds) and Paddy (Conleth Hill) as their friendship is shattered by the troubles in North Ireland, and reunite 25 years later.

Discussion following JUMP with director Kieron J. Walsh.
2012, 83 min, Ireland, Dir: Kieron J. Walsh

This modern fairy tale follows four 20-somethings who cross one another’s paths on New Year’s Eve in Derry, Northern Ireland. Small-time hood Johnny and honest Mary long for a fresh start, while Greta and Pearce meet in unusual circumstances - he prevents her from committing suicide. Visually stunning, the film’s screenplay toys with time until the clock strikes midnight, and punctuates the dark tale with real moments of comedy and black humor, with raw emotions brilliantly transmitted by the young cast. Featuring a different soundscape for each storyline on the noisiest night of the year, director Kieron J. Walsh’s latest work is a real-feel movie shot with a floating style.

2011, 90 min, Ireland, Dir: Gary Kenneally and Paddy Kenneally

The members of the legendary Irish folk group The Wolfe Tones - Tommy Byrne, Noel Nagle, and Brian Warfield - have been performing together for 49 years, but their story has never been told with as much intimacy and power as in this new documentary. Filmmakers Gary and Paddy Kenneally trace the group's history from its humble working class beginnings to worldwide fame, combining decades of archival clips with new footage shot over the last three years. The result is a gritty, candid, and powerful portrait of three men and their music.

Aero Theatre • Sat, Sep 29, 2012 • 7:30pm

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