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Sun, Jan 22, 2012

Georges Méliès
Live Musical Accompaniment!
Georges Méliès Shorts Program I

Join us for our monthly program of silent shorts, this time paying tribute to magician and early cinema special effects wizard, Georges Méliès! A compilation of Méliès’ most delightful shorts will be presented with live musical accompaniment. If you loved HUGO, you won’t want to miss this! And in February, check back for more Melies including A TRIP TO THE MOON!

Program will include (in no particular order):

"The Cake-Walk Infernal" ("Le cake-walk infernal," 1903, 5 min.)
"Cendrillon" (1899, 6 min.)
"Joan of Arc" ("Jeanne d'Arc," 1900, 10 min.)
"Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea," ("Deux cents milles sous les mers," 1907, 18 min)
"The Impossible Voyage" ("Voyage a travers l'impossible," 1904, 24 min)
"The Danaid's Barrel" ("Le tonneau des danaids," 1900, 1 min)
"The Inn Where No Man Rests" ("L'auberge de bon repos," 1903, 5 min)
"The Nightmare" (Le Cauchemar)
"Hat of Many Surprises" ("Le chapeau a surprise " 1901, 3 min)
"The Triple Conjurer and the Living Head" ("L'illusioniste double et la tete vivant," 1900, min?)
"The Magic Book" ("Le livre magique," 1900, 3 min)
"The Monster" ("Le Monstre," 1903, 2 min)
"Geant et Nain" (1896)
"The Oracle of Delphi" ("L'oracle de Delphe," 1903, 2 min)
"How He Missed His Train" ("Le reveil d'un Monsieur Presse," 1900, 1 min)
"The Wizard, the Prince and the Good Fairy" ("Le sorcier, le prince et le bon genie," 1900, 2 min)

Screening format: 35mm & Beta SP
Aero Theatre • Sun, Jan 22, 2012 • 5:00pm

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