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Sat, Jul 7, 2018

Double Feature!
Discussion between films with DARK CITY writer David Goyer.
35 mm!
20th Anniversary!

1998, Warner Bros., 100 min, USA, Dir: Alex Proyas

Alien "Strangers" whose world is dying collect a group of humans for study in order to find out what makes the heart and mind tick; in solving the mysteries of the human soul, they hope to save themselves. Every night at midnight they erase their subjects' memories and plant new ones - but one man, Murdoch (Rufus Sewell), proves resistant to the experiments and goes on the run, pursued by detective Bumstead (William Hurt) as he falls in love with torch singer Emma (Jennifer Connelly). Working from a script he wrote with Lem Dobbs and David Goyer, director Alex Proyas uses this sci-fi concept to explore the most profound philosophical issues relating to memory, experience and what it means to be human.

35 mm!

1997, Lionsgate, 90 min, Canada, Dir: Vincenzo Natali

A Best Canadian First Feature Film winner at the Toronto International Film Festival, this cult sci-fi horror film drops a group of strangers of varying backgrounds and skills into a giant cube filled with shifting, booby-trapped rooms from which they must escape. Stark production design and taut direction elevate this allegory about trust and futility, which spawned a pair of sequels. “Surprisingly gripping, in the best 'Twilight Zone' tradition. The ensemble cast does an outstanding job on the cinematic equivalent of a bare stage.” - Anita Gates, The New York Times.

Egyptian Theatre • Sat, Jul 7, 2018 • 7:30pm

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