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Egyptian and
Aero Theatres
Hollywood & Santa Monica
Thu, Apr 18, 2019 - Thu, Apr 25, 2019
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Of silent-era films, the comedies are perhaps the best remembered. Slapstick and visual humor have universal appeal that transcends generations, and such classics as Charlie Chaplin’s THE GOLD RUSH and Buster Keaton’s THE NAVIGATOR continue to win new fans. If Chaplin’s “Little Tramp” was sentimental but plucky, Keaton earned his nickname of “The Great Stoneface” by remaining implacable in the face of disaster; the nonchalance with which Buster did many of his own hair-raising stunts makes them all the more hilarious. Harold Lloyd may have had some assistance on his climactic ascent in SAFETY LAST! but he, too, was no stranger to the hazards of filmmaking, having lost two fingers on a 1919 photo shoot.

In an era when short subjects were a regular part of the moviegoing experience, a host of other stars thrived, including Mabel Normand, Charley Chase, Ben Turpin and Charlie Bowers. The advent of talkies cut many careers short, but Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, a comedy team since 1921, hit the peak of their popularity in the 1930s with such sound films as WAY OUT WEST and SONS OF THE DESERT. Chaplin put dialogue – and his resemblance to Adolf Hitler – to brilliant use in 1940’s THE GREAT DICTATOR.

Rapid-fire dialogue was a specialty of the Marx Brothers, and if Groucho and Chico were known for their quips, Harpo’s wordless antics followed the tradition of the great silent comedians. A NIGHT AT THE OPERA and A DAY AT THE RACES, both made at MGM with producer Irving Thalberg, capture the trio at their zenith. Times change and films change with them, but these classic movie clowns endure.

Series compiled by Gwen Deglise and Grant Moninger. Program notes by John Hagelston.

Both TheatresThu, Apr 18, 2019 - Thu, Apr 25, 2019
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