Aero Theatre
1328 Montana Avenue,
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Thu, May 3, 2012

Live Musical Accompaniment From Gerhard Gruber!
Live piano music by renowned Austrian silent film accompaniest Gerhard Gruber.
1927, Sud-Film, 91 min, Germany, Dir: Gustav Ucicky

Wealthy party girl Erni (Marlene Dietrich) and purse snatcher Ferdi (Willi Forst) meet one night at the infamous Café Electric, a local haunt for the lower depths of society. Erni is more smitten than the duplicitous Ferdi, and agrees to help him pay off his sizable gambling debt - by stealing from her successful contractor father. This early Dietrich gem is not to be missed!

Screening format: DVD | Gerhard Gruber also will be performing at the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival on May 6 - check for info.
Aero Theatre • Thu, May 3, 2012 • 7:30pm