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Wed, Feb 24, 2016

Seminars For Filmmakers 2016
Breaking Through: Emerging Film Auteurs

The industry has always been obsessed with the newest trends in cinema and who’s hot. Festivals (like Sundance) annually introduce a bright slate of new talent. But why are these filmmakers the “chosen ones”? What are they doing that's better than the rest? What's going on in their work that has heads turning and careers rising? Join Visual Consultant/Festival Programmer Thomas Ethan Harris on a quest to discover who's currently got the right stuff for a new generation of filmmaking.

The Hollywood establishment has always been obsessed with the latest trends and "Who's Hot.”

When it comes to new filmmakers with “the right stuff", Hollywood loves to rave and tease us with the latest details of new film deals, the money on the line and who's trying to get attached to star or work with newly crowned film royalty.

But rarely does Hollywood (or anyone else) tell us "why" a filmmaker is connecting and breaking through into an already overcrowded industry. That's the part that seems to be always left out of the equation.

For our first American Cinematheque film seminar of 2016, we're going take a constructive look at everything NEW AND RISING in film authorship and film construction. Even better, instead of talking simply about “Who’s Hot”, we’re going to discuss why certain filmmakers' careers are advancing so quickly forward while others stall or languish.

• What do cinema’s hottest, emerging auteurs have going for themselves that make for such shooting star potential?

• What are these filmmakers doing in their film work that is connecting so deeply with prestigious film festivals, established film critics and progressive distributors alike?

• How is career elevation intricately connected to something greater than just a good script or a good idea for a new film?

• What exactly is “the right stuff" that certain contemporary filmmakers have tapped into that has the whole town talking?

• How does personal interpretation of narrative subject matter and themes play into the creation of a film that turns heads?

• How does challenging and breaking the rules of traditional and standardized means of visual construction (designs of composition, editing, sound, color etc.) play into the new auteurs’ films?

• What do the world’s emerging auteurs have in common and what sets them apart from everyone else?

If you feel that your career is somewhat stalling…
If you feel you need a kick start in a creative direction that brings your next work more attention…
If you just want to discover some new film artists that you might want to pay more attention to…
The American Cinematheque’s BREAKING THROUGH: EMERGING FILM AUTEURS seminar is perfect for you!

On Wednesday, February 24, join Written Property/Visual Consultant Thomas Ethan Harris on a quest to discover who’s got the right stuff to lead us into a new generation of filmmaking…and why!

180 min. | Special Ticket Prices: $25 General Admission, $20 Students/Seniors, $16 Cinematheque Members. No vouchers.
Egyptian Theatre • Wed, Feb 24, 2016 • 7:30pm

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