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Sun, Oct 1, 2017

Double Feature! Director James B. Harris In Person!
Discussion between films with director James B. Harris, moderated by F.X. Feeney.
35 mm!

1993, Warner Bros. , 92 min, United States , Dir: James B. Harris

Rudolph “Red” Diamond’s (Dennis Hopper) worries only increase when he’s released from prison - he owes the mob money and they’re eager to get it. Red and his psychopathic protégé (Viggo Mortensen) leave a trail of bodies as they chase down cash; unfortunately for them, one of their victims was the partner of Treasury officer Jimmy Mercer (Wesley Snipes), who’ll do whatever it takes to avenge his colleague’s death. This gritty action drama features an excellent cast including Lolita Davidovich, Seymour Cassel, Valerie Perrine and Dan Hedaya.

35 mm!

1988, Park Circus , 110 min, United States, Dir: James B. Harris

When a cop cares too much, how far is too far? Adapted from James Ellroy’s Blood on the Moon, this brisk crime film stars James Woods as a loose-cannon homicide detective who discovers that the murder of a young woman is actually the work of a serial killer. As the flippant but focused cop, Woods is magnetic, and he gets terrific support from Lesley Ann Warren, Charles Durning and Charles Haid (the latter two previously costarred with Woods in THE CHOIRBOYS).

Aero Theatre • Sun, Oct 1, 2017 • 7:30pm

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