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Thu, May 24, 2012

Seminars for Filmmakers 2012
Big World For Little Movies: The Complete Guide For Short Film Content

Whether the renewed vitality of the short film content is based on the rise of consumer "pod casts," the content crazed appetite of the internet or the internet’s short content offspring - Web series - there's no denying it's a big world out there for "little movies." Uncover a wealth of information on short filmmaking trends, current channels of distribution and the future of short film exposure from a panel of short film business and programming leaders.

The world of short film content has changed dramatically in recent years.

In fact, not since the ".com era" of the 1990s have we seen such rethinking of how the short film figures into overall landscape of the entertainment industry.

Today there are literally thousands of film festivals for you to consider as you move your short film out to festival audiences. With cable television exposure for short films part of the distant dream of the 1990s, short filmmakers now find themselves contending with the options of a new virtual wild west - The Internet, Video-On-Demand (VOD) and pod casts - for greater content exposure than festival world could ever dream of or deliver.

But don't stop there! With the 1000s of Internet sites available to you to post your film on, which site is best for your film? Is it more advantageous for your extended career to “YouTube” or “Vimeo” your short or for you to post your short on your own website and use your favorite social networking site to drive attention to your film? What is a “torrent site” and how can it figure into the distribution of your short? How do short film distributors (like Quat Media, SND Films, Shorts International) figure into today’s short film landscape?

Now consider this: With the incredible expansion of the methods of distribution and exhibition open to your short film, there has even been a revolution in the very definition of what artistically comprises a short film.

What is a "festival" short? What is the difference between a “Sundance short,” a “Cannes short,” an “internet short” and a “Short Film Festival short”? What does the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences look for in a short film? What is the definition of the most desirable form of content for a short film distributor?

Finally, and most provocatively, is it more advantageous for a short filmmaker today to make a single short (festival) film or to develop and produce a web series?

Joins us as we turn our total attention to unraveling the whole, overwhelming and complex world that today's short filmmaker must deal with to take good care of their work.

The Complete Guide For Short Film Content begins with a focus on issues surrounding film festivals, film festival release strategies for short films, a list of the World's Best Short Film Festivals (and some not very good ones!) and establishing some definitions for the various forms or identities the short film artistically embodies today.

The second part of our evening's seminar will be dedicated to an in-depth discussion of short film distribution and exhibition. Not only will we open the door to a greater understanding of overall design of the content favored by distributors, but we will also examine rights and clearances issues and help to sort out the vast offerings of the Internet and the potential of having your very own web series.

Panelists Include:

Kim Adelman, Author ('Making It Big In Shorts: The Ultimate Filmmaker’s Guide To Short Films'), Indiewire Short Film Columnist

Kalman Apple, Sales & Acquisitions Consultant, SHORTS INTERNATIONAL

Kimberley Browning, Filmmaker & Festival Director, HOLLYWOOD SHORTS


Special Ticket Prices: $12 Member, $15 Student/Senior, $20 General Admission.
180 min.
Spielberg Theatre at the Egyptian • Thu, May 24, 2012 • 7:30pm

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