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Egyptian Theatre
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Sat, Apr 20, 2019

Cinematic Void 2019
Triple Feature! In Person Guests!
Co-presented by Vestron Video Collectors Series
Introduction to WAXWORK by actress Michelle Johnson.
35 mm!

1992, Universal Pictures, 96 min, USA, Dir: Sam Raimi

Swallowed up by a time vortex at the end of the previous EVIL DEAD installment, horror hero Ash (Bruce Campbell) finds himself trapped in medieval times. In order to get back, he must once again find the accursed Necronomicon while battling legions of the undead. Upping the comedic elements of the previous entries, ARMY OF DARKNESS plays as if the Three Stooges directed JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS blasted out by a boom-stick.

35 mm!

1988, Lionsgate, 95 min, USA, Dir: Anthony Hickox

A mysterious man invites a group of teens to a special midnight showing of his Waxwork. What they think will be a night of goofy fun turns into terror when one by one they are sucked into the exhibits. Full of murder, mayhem and mischief, WAXWORK is a true melting pot of horror and comedy.

35 mm!

1981, Grindhouse Releasing, 87 min, Italy, Dir: Lucio Fulci

In director Lucio Fulci’s Gothic masterpiece, Lisa (Catriona MacColl) inherits a decrepit New Orleans hotel and hopes to renovate it. What her real estate agent failed to tell her is that one of seven doors to Hell is in the cellar; after several gruesome accidents, the passageway opens, unleashing a horde of zombies. Both gory and surreal, Fulci's tribute to Antonin Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty is not so much a film as a stunning series of brutal images - faces eaten by spiders, seeing-eye dogs gone mad, men losing eyeballs and, of course, blood-soaked bodies. With one of Fabio Frizzi's most menacing scores.

Special Ticket Prices: $15 General, $13 Cinematheque Members. No vouchers. | WAXWORK 35mm collection print courtesy of the UCLA Film & Television Archive.
Egyptian Theatre • Sat, Apr 20, 2019 • 7:30pm

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