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Born in Salford, England, Albert Finney (1936 – 2019) was among the most respected actors of his generation. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, he quickly made his mark in the theater, and would return to the stage for extended periods throughout his long career. “The set of muscles required for that kind of acting need to be trained,” the performer once noted. “I didn't want to be a movie actor just dropping in, doing Hamlet and taking off again. I wanted to feel part of the company."

Fortunately for us, his talent was preserved on screen as well. Finney made his film debut in 1960’s THE ENTERTAINER for director Tony Richardson. The two would be hailed as leading lights of the decade’s “British New Wave” and collaborated three years later on TOM JONES. The title role in that adaptation of Henry Fielding's 18th-century novel brought Finney his first Oscar nomination and launched him to stardom. Though now a hot commodity in front of the camera (he shared the lead with Audrey Hepburn in Stanley Donen’s romance TWO FOR THE ROAD), Finney took greater control of his work by forming Memorial Productions, a company that gave significant boosts to U.K. filmmakers including Lindsay Anderson, Stephen Frears and Mike Leigh.

Finney’s remarkable range was not lost on the world’s top directors. John Huston tapped him to play an ex-consul on a downward spiral in UNDER THE VOLCANO (for which the actor earned another Oscar nomination), and the Coen brothers cast him as a tough crime boss in MILLER’S CROSSING. While Finney added gravitas to dramas, he also excelled at lighter fare – the same year as his heartbreaking performance in divorce story SHOOT THE MOON, he shaved his head to play Daddy Warbucks in family musical ANNIE. And it’s hard to imagine any other actor bringing the bittersweet air to Tim Burton’s fantasy BIG FISH as memorably as Albert Finney did.

Series compiled by Grant Moninger. Program notes by John Hagelston.

Both TheatresSun, Mar 3, 2019 - Sun, Mar 10, 2019
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