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Sun, Oct 13, 2019

Double Feature! Anton Spieker & Enis Rotthoff In Person!
Discussion following 303 with actor Anton Spieker. Discussion following THE MOVER with composer Enis Rotthoff.
Los Angeles Premiere!

2018, Global Screen, 119 min, Germany, Dir: Hans Weingartner

A road movie in the spirit of Wim Wenders and Richard Linklater, 303 follows two university students on parallel paths of self-discovery. After a chance encounter, Jule finds Jan to be the perfect companion - both for his able-bodied usefulness and his straitlaced attitude - on her trip across the German countryside. She welcomes him aboard her old camper, where the duo’s long conversations reveal often opposing philosophies and worldviews. Sharing intense chemistry, leads Mala Emde and Anton Spieker anchor Hans Weingartner’s (THE EDUKATORS) thoughtful journey in an achingly beautiful tale of summer romance. “303 makes the most of its European settings, and cinematographers Mario Krause and Sebastian Lempe shoot the German, Belgian, French, Spanish and Portuguese countryside in lush, hazy detail that befits the dreamlike idyll of this burgeoning romance.” - Nikki Baughan, Screen Daily.

Los Angeles Premiere!

2018, 23/5 Filmproduktion GmbH, 100 min, Germany, Dir: David Nawrath

At 60, Walter Scholl (Rainer Bock) is largely numb to his miserable job as a “removal man,” who carries out forced evictions of delinquent tenants. His unemotional state, however, is completely undone when he is scheduled to evict a family all too close to him. Hiding his personal connections from his crooked boss and violent co-workers, Walter considers how to protect the tenants, who may not want his help in the first place. From co-writer and director David Nawrath, THE MOVER is a thrilling drama that leads to a shocking climax.

Both films with English subtitles. | Screening format: DCP
Egyptian Theatre • Sun, Oct 13, 2019 • 5:00pm

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