1989, Warner Bros., 89 min, USA, Dir: Arthur Penn

Director Arthur Penn helmed this shamefully overlooked vehicle for those bad boys of magic, Penn Jillette and Teller. A very dark, anarchic black comedy (and buddy movie), it follows Penn & Teller on their cross-country antics, focusing on what happens when Penn publicly muses how he would find it interesting to have his life threatened. Predictably, scores of offers roll in. "The film's way of piling up morbid gags accelerates markedly as it reaches a conclusion that, while inevitable in view of the title, still manages to hold a few surprises. Whatever else might be said about the ending, it's enough to make Teller talk." - Janet Maslin, The New York Times

2012, R.I.P., 75 min, USA, Dir: Shade Rupe, Teller

A film of the maniacal off-Broadway production created by magicians Todd Robbins and Teller, PLAY DEAD features side-show trickery and lurid storytelling that is by turns creepy and hilarious. In a dark theater before a live audience, the white-suited Robbins regales the crowd with tales of true crimes and weird occurrences while murder, spiritual contact and surgical procedure take place on stage (and sometimes spill over into the front rows).

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