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2020, 92 min, Canada, Dir: Steven Kostanski

Indomitable Mimi (Nita-Josée Hanna) and her mild-mannered older brother Luke (Owen Myre) unwittingly revive a malevolent alien who happens to be buried in their backyard. The siblings name him Psycho Goreman (PG for short) and tame him with his own magical amulet, now in the possession of young Mimi, who forces PG to bend to her every childish whim despite his desire to destroy everything in existence. Elsewhere in the galaxy, PG’s cronies and captors catch wind of his reemergence and chart a course for Earth – and the bloodiest interstellar showdown this side of Gigax. Canadian cult filmmaker Steven Kostanski (THE VOID) kicks things into overdrive with painstakingly detailed world-building inhabited by even more painstakingly crafted creatures animated by all the classic tricks of the trade: puppetry, miniatures, stop motion, O.G. computer effects, and presumably gallons of liquid latex and blood. – Nicole McControversy

2016, 90 min, Dir: Jeremy Gillespie, Steven Kostanski

Daniel Carter (Aaron Poole) is a police officer who likes the humdrum nature of his life. A chance encounter with a bloodied figure in the woods sees him rushing to the hospital to save the injured man’s life - but he’s not alone. As strange figures from a cult slowly surround the hospital and lay siege, an ever-bigger threat looms inside as dead patients turn into something inhuman and Carter must lead a desperate band of survivors into the subterranean depths of the hospital to escape. Boasting stellar practical effects and fantastic creature design, THE VOID is an homage to such old masters of horror cinema as Carpenter and Cronenberg while also an entirely new beast in its own right.

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