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2007, Focus Features, 100 min, UK/Canada/USA, Dir: David Cronenberg

Among David Cronenberg’s most accomplished films, this thriller about the Russian mob stars Viggo Mortenson and Naomi Watts. On a rainy night in London, a pregnant Russian teenager arrives in a hospital badly wounded; only her baby can be saved, and Anna (Watts) sets out to locate the mother’s family. What she finds is a web of crime and deception - and a bizarre relationship with enigmatic mob driver Nikolai (Mortenson). Featuring one of the most memorable fight scenes in recent cinematic history, EASTERN PROMISES will keep viewers guessing until the very end.

2013, A24, 85 min, UK/USA, Dir: Steven Knight

Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) is a construction manager whose successful career and family life tumble into chaos in a single night. With all the action taking place during one thoroughly riveting car ride, the tightly constructed LOCKE rides on a tour de force performance from Hardy, whose skills as an actor were only hinted at in blockbusters THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and INCEPTION. Winner of the 2013 British Independent Film Award for Best Screenplay.

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