1947, Sony Repertory, 67 min, Dir: Ross Lederman

After winning a bundle at the track, inventor Milton Higby (John Beal) throws a party; when one of the guests is discovered dead the next morning, he doesn’t stick around to explain. As Higby tries to stay one step ahead of the cops, he stumbles upon another murder victim and assumes the man’s identity.

1925, Universal, 114 min, USA, Dir: Rupert Julian

Perhaps the most faithful adaptation of the 1910 Gaston Leroux novel, this landmark of silent horror stars Lon Chaney in the title role (and in his most shocking makeup). As the masked Erik, he haunts the Paris Opera House and becomes obsessed with chorus girl Christine (Mary Philbin), using increasingly ruthless measures to make her a star and his lover. Among the film’s many iconic set pieces is a masquerade ball sequence shot in 2-color Technicolor.

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