2012, Gkids, 78 min, France, Dir: Remi Bezancon & Jean-Christophe Lie

An Annie Award nominee for Best Directing in an Animated Feature! As this delightful animated family adventure opens, an old man holds children spellbound with a story about a boy and a giraffe. The boy is Maki, a 10-year-old who has escaped from slave traders, and the giraffe – recently orphaned and chosen by the Pasha of Egypt to be a gift to the King of France – is named Zarafa. Drawn together by the destinies others have chosen for them, Maki and Zarafa journey from the Sudan to Paris, meeting aviators, pirates and strange twin cows along the way. "Closing in on 1.5 million admissions in France, ZARAFA is living proof that 3D and computer-generated animation aren't necessary as long as the story is solid and overall animation quality high" – Variety. In French with English subtitles.

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