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1948, Walt Disney Pictures, 86 min, USA, Dir: William Dieterle

This poignant love story focuses on struggling artist Joseph Cotten as he gradually falls in love with Jennie (Jennifer Jones), a strange young woman he meets in Central Park. As Cotten occasionally encounters her over a series of months, she seems to be maturing before his eyes - and he slowly comes to realize that his muse is the restless spirit of a long-dead woman.

1952, Warner Bros., 75 min, USA, Dir: John Reinhardt

An unemployed photographer (Dan Duryea) returns to his Bunker Hill apartment the morning after a drinking binge and is greeted by his wife and daughter Nancy, who are leaving him for good. A heartbreaking, suspenseful odyssey transpires on the streets of downtown L.A. with a desperate Duryea, in one of his finest screen performances, attempting to save both his family and himself - with the help of a lively young boy in need of a father figure, who accidentally crosses paths with Duryea. Beautifully helmed by John Reinhardt with Mary Anderson, Gordon Gebert and Ross Elliott.

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