2017, 92 min, Germany, Dir: Stefan Ruzowitzky

In this smart and gritty film from the director of ANATOMY and Oscar winner THE COUNTERFEITERS, Özge (Violetta Schurawlow) is a second-generation Turkish woman just getting by in Vienna, where she drives taxis and takes night classes. After she witnesses a murder in a nearby apartment - and the killer sees her - Özge faces a whole new struggle for survival, one that is complicated by a police detective (Tobias Moretti) distrustful of immigrants. Awash in the colors and shadows of Italian giallo films and the violence of ’80s American B-movies, COLD HELL is never anything less than thrilling.

2013, 114 min, Austria, Germany, Dir: Andreas Prochaska

In this adaptation of Thomas Willmann’s best-seller, a classic Western plays out in a late-nineteenth century alpine village. When a man named Greider (Sam Riley) arrives on horseback carrying a camera, he is met with distrust by the locals, who are led by the sons of Old Brenner, a brutal patriarch who holds the entire community under his thumb. The stranger has come to do more than take photographs, as a series of mysterious deaths exposes a terrible tradition as well as Greider’s connection to the remote valley. Prochaska’s fresh approach to the genre, along with cinematographer Thomas Kiennast’s stunning visuals and Matthias Weber’s ominous orchestral score earned THE DARK VALLEY eight German Film Awards. In German with English subtitles.

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