2017, 104 min, Canada, Dir: Luc Picard

This engaging family drama is set in Montreal during the 1970 “October Crisis,” when radical left-wing nationalist group Front de libération du Québec forced the province into a state of emergency with kidnappings, bombings and assassinations. Twelve-year-old Manon (Milya Corbeil-Gauvreau) is experiencing a more immediate crisis: With her father dying of cancer and her depressive mother unable to cope, she and her younger brother Michel are to be sent to separate foster families. Manon has sworn to her brother that she will never leave him alone, so she hatches a daring plan - inspired by the political fervor in the city, she forms a revolutionary group of her own with her older cousins. They plot to kidnap their elderly neighbor and take off to a cabin in the country, where they spend their initial days enjoying newfound freedom from the influence of the grown-up world even as that adult world hunts for them. Superbly crafted and very moving, the film was a hit at the 2018 Berlin International Film Festival.

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