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1972, 83 min, USA, Dir: Harry Hurwitz

A pre-Watergate lampoon of the then-sitting president, RICHARD tells the hilarious origin story of a young congressional candidate’s rise to reigning crook of the USA. Under the control of three more-than-questionable advisers, Richard undergoes dramatic facial reconstruction (by a plastic surgeon played by John Carradine) in order to achieve his new presidential face, which is strikingly similar to the real thing thanks to professional Nixon impersonator Richard M. Dixon. Aiding his new presidential ambitions is a guardian angel (played by Mickey Rooney), who fails to save him from a CLOCKWORK ORANGE-like brainwashing procedure. But for Nixon, being subject to mind control is a small price to pay to gain the Oval Office. Mixing actual newsreel footage with razor-sharp satire, Harry Hurwitz’s RICHARD was strangely prescient in its day - and eerily resembles the modern age as well.

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