1960, Janus Films, 109 min, South Korea, Dir: Kim Ki-young

See the classic that inspired Bong Joon Ho’s PARASITE! The Kims, a hardworking middle-class family, move into a bigger home and need help with the chores. A love letter from one of Mr. Kim’s students leads to a fateful decision - hiring Myung-sook (Lee Eun-shim), a young woman whose provocative behavior turns their drab domestic life into a nightmare of repressed desires, unleashed. Relentless, claustrophobic, and unpredictable; a wicked combination of soap opera, noir, and horror - as amusing as it is shocking. Considered one of the greatest Korean films ever, THE HOUSEMAID was forgotten for more than forty years, until rediscovered through the efforts of Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Project and the Korean Film Archive.

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