2011, 92 min, Dir: Emily Lou

Too-nice real estate agent Richard Scarry (Gabriel Diani) talks people out of buying houses they can’t afford. When his business partner Dave Ross (Jonathan Klein) schemes a plan to flip a decrepit house for profit, Richard agrees only because he needs to pay for his sick mother’s medical bills. While Richard and Dave fix up the house for buyers, disembodied voices emerge telling them to leave, walls bleed and a portal to the spirit realm opens in an upstairs closet! Richard must get rid of the house before its ghostly inhabitants ruin his life - but when an evil spirit moves out of the house and into Richard’s body, he has a whole new set of problems. With Barry Bostwick, Simon Helberg (The Big Bang Theory) and Janet Varney as rival real estate agent Mary Best. “This movie is like Halloween. Not HALLOWEEN the franchise but Halloween the holiday put on film.” - The Huffington Post. “Perhaps the greatest horror-comedy since SHAUN OF THE DEAD.” - Disturbing Films.

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