2017, 120 min, Hungary, Dir: Gábor Herendi

The most expensive Hungarian film ever made, this historical epic interlaces action and romance against the backdrop of the Austro-Hungarian empire. The film’s titular hero is a real-life horse that still holds the record for most wins of any thoroughbred, and acts as a beacon of hope in an otherwise dark world. Featuring lavish sets and costume design, beautiful landscape photography and exhilarating race sequences, KINCSEM is an impressive spectacle that has become Hungary’s biggest blockbuster of the last 10 years.

2015, 98 min, Hungary, Dir: Károly Ujj Mészáros

This Hungarian hit offers a distinctive blend of black comedy and fairy tale. While working as a caregiver, Liza (Mónika Balsai) becomes obsessed with Japanese romance novels and begins looking for love in earnest after her patient dies. A ghostly pop singer serves as a companion in Liza’s daydreams, but her more earthly potential love interests all seem to have fatal accidents – could it be that Liza is a fox-fairy from Japanese mythology? With awards from several festivals worldwide for its fantastic premise and bold cinematography, this quirky, humorous film should not be missed. “An impressive, special effects-laden genre mashup.” - Boyd van Hoeij, The Hollywood Reporter. In Hungarian and Japanese with English subtitles.

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