2016, 103 min, Germany, Dir: Anne Zohra Berrached

With a 9-year-old daughter and a new baby boy on the way, popular stand-up comedian Astrid Lorenz (Julia Jentsch) and her manager/partner (Bjarne Mädel) lead a seemingly idyllic life. With Astrid's career on the rise, things couldn’t be any better for the young family. But a six-month check-up reveals that their unborn child has severe Down syndrome, and the news eventually gets worse, until Astrid is forced to make a difficult decision with no chance of an ideal outcome. Cinematographer Friede Clausz' strikingly intimate visuals capture the family’s most private moments as they struggle to answer the unanswerable question “Who decides whether a child will have a life worth living?” in unflinching detail. In German with English subtitles.

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