2018, Studio Canal, 111 min, Germany, Dir: Lars Kraume

In this thrilling historical drama, a small act of solidarity brings chaos to the lives of a class of teenagers living in 1956 Communist-controlled East Germany. Classmates Kurt (Tom Gramenz) and Theo (Leonard Scheicher) could have never predicted that a casual but unauthorized trip to the movies in West Berlin would result in their divulging of political information that would forever change them and their fellow classmates. A Berlinale entry from historically minded director Lars Kraume (THE PEOPLE VS. FRITZ BAUER), this fact-based drama offers a sobering reflection on the nature of protest and political action.

2017, 106 min, Germany, Dir: Ute Wieland

Inseparable best friends Nini (Flora Thiemann) and Jameelah (Emily Kusche) live in the same working-class Berlin housing project, attend the same school and love Tiger Milk, a mix of milk, brandy and passion fruit juice. For the rebellious 14-year-olds, the summer means a chance to finally break from the innocence of childhood - partying, falling in love and perhaps finally doing “it.” But one evening, the girls witness a crime that hits so close to home that nothing will be the same again. Wieland’s adaptation of Stefanie De Velasco’s best-selling novel skillfully relays the relevant social tension of the source material and draws performances from the young protagonists that offer an authenticity rarely seen in coming-of-age films.

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