1971, Janus Films, 96 min, France, Dir: Jacques Tati

Jacques Tati reinstates M. Hulot, who is given the assignment of escorting a ridiculously gadget-addled, super-deluxe camper from its French factory to the International Automobile Show in Amsterdam. Of course, a comic set of obstacles, detours and mishaps sets the caravan reeling. In French with English subtitles.

1970, Cohen Film, 95 min, Spain, Dir: Luis Buñuel

Catherine Deneuve is at her best as the title character, an orphan left in the care of libertine aristocrat Don Lope (Fernando Rey), who seduces the woman, setting her on a path to bitterness and manipulation. Playing upon a reversal of audience sympathy, TRISTANA is among the most powerful portraits of lost innocence, one of Buñuel’s favorite themes (the film also makes striking use of a favorite Buñuel technique, the dream sequence). In Spanish with English subtitles.

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