2017, 91 min, Argentina, Dir: Pablo Solarz

At 88, Abraham Bursztein (Miguel Ángel Solá) is being pushed into a retirement home by his kids, who disagree on how to handle his fading health. A Holocaust survivor, Abraham isn’t about to quietly fade away - he plans a secret one-way trip to Poland, where he hopes to find the Christian friend who saved him from certain death at the end of World War II. Along the way, he meets characters who both help him and need his help; a standout among these is iconic Spanish actress Angela Molina, who plays the proprietor of a Madrid hotel. With its klezmer-driven score, evocative cinematography and fleet pacing, this late-in-life road movie is comedic and poignant in equal measure.

2015, Latido Films, 98 min, Spain, Dir: Gracia Querejeta

Elia (Maribel Verdu) has just hit the jackpot – literally. One of the things she spends her 140 million Euro lottery prize on is a 40th-birthday bash in the Canary Islands, to which she invites a motley group of family and friends, including the ex she still pines for. But proximity to wealth can warp even the closest relationships, and the reunion soon takes a shocking turn. “Querejeta has assembled one of the best possible casts which Spanish cinema can provide.” - Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter. In Spanish with English subtitles.

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