2016, 108 min, Argentina, Dir: Marcos Carnevale

Writer-director Marcos Carnevale transposes the 2011 film THE INTOUCHABLES from France to Argentina for this appealing dramedy. Oscar Martínez stars as Felipe, a quadriplegic millionaire whose reluctant caregiver (Rodrigo de la Serna) has a lust for life that helps inspire his new patient.

2012, 112 min, Argentina, Dir: Eduard Cortés

This entertaining heist picture is based on a real-life robbery that took place in Spain in the mid-1950s. When the wife of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco sets her eye on jewels that once belonged to the late Eva Perón (of Evita fame), two Argentine loyalists (Guillermo Francella and Nicolás Cabré) decide to steal them first. Director Cortés (THE PELAVOS) deftly polishes the comic, romantic and serious facets of this crowd-pleasing gem. “Smartly written, energetically executed and notably well cast down to the smallest of roles.” - Neil Young, The Hollywood Reporter In Spanish with English subtitles.

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