2020, 97 min, Spain/France, Dir: Icíar Bollaín

About to turn 45, Rosa (Candela Peña) realizes that she has always lived by and for others and decides to press the nuclear button, send everything away and take charge of her life. But first, she wants to embark on a very special commitment: a marriage to herself. She will soon discover that her father, her brothers and her daughter have other plans, and that changing your life is not so easy if it is not in the family script. Getting married, even to herself, is going to be the hardest thing she's ever done.

2019, Filmax, 92 min, Spain, Dir: Lucía Alemany

Lis (Carmen Arrufat) is a teenager who dreams of leaving behind her small Catalan town and moving to Barcelona to become a performer. During the languid summer, Lis staves off boredom by partying with her friends and dating an older boy (Joel Bosqued). She must keep the relationship secret from her conservative parents, but this is no easy task with the town’s lack of privacy and gossiping neighbors. As the summer comes to a close and Lis receives an unexpected surprise, she faces the difficult decision of how to come clean to her parents. “There are few directorial debuts that are so sincere, so impulsive, so direct.” - Luis Martínez, El Mundo.

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