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2019, 80 min, Dir: Joe Begos

Dora Madison does a star turn as Dezzy, an artist who has lost her muse and is on the way to losing her agent, her apartment and her career ... until her dealer gives her a hit of bliss, a new drug on the street. After a dose, she spends the night getting wrecked and hooking up in threesomes, and awakes the next day with renewed inspiration to paint. Convinced she has a thirst for blood, her craving for the drug escalates, as does her creative output; her masterpiece takes shape while she herself spirals out of control. Shooting on 16mm, guerrilla-style, Begos achieves the kind of grit and dirt exemplified in DRILLER KILLER and MANIAC with an absolutely unrelenting shotgun-to-the-face of a film.

2015, Channel 83 Films, 87 min, USA, Dir: Joe Begos

This quintessential midnight ride into hyper-violent-telekinetic-carnage and the films that shaped us all reunites the creative team behind micro-budget monster mash-up ALMOST HUMAN, with additional horror-family friends (Larry Fessenden, Noah Segan, Lauren Ashley Carter) and a bigger budget to wreak some deadly havoc. Set in the winter of 1990, THE MIND’S EYE picks up on drifter Zack Connors (Graham Skipper) as he passes through a sleepy New England town. Unfortunately, telekinesis guru Dr. Michael Slovak (a gleefully evil John Speredakos) gets wind of his unique paranormal skills and commits Zack to his institute. But Zack’s mind-melting powers prove impossible to harness as the film escalates to outrageously gory heights.

2013, 80 min, USA, Dir: Joe Begos

With key events set in the 1980s, the feature debut of director Joe Begos recalls some of John Carpenter and David Cronenberg’s best work from that decade. Years after he vanished in a flash of light, Mark (Josh Ethier) returns to his Maine hometown – but old friend Seth (Graham Skipper) suspects the mysterious absence has turned him into a killer.

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