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1941, Universal, 71 min, Dir: Edward F. Cline

W.C. Fields hopes to sell a script to Esoteric Studios. Which includes Fields falling out of an airplane trying to retrieve a bottle and finding himself in the home of Mrs. Hemogloben (Margaret Dumont) and a teenage girl (Gloria Jean) who immediately falls in love with him. Also features Leon Errol and Franklin Pangborn.

1947, Warner Bros., 80 min, Dir: Ted Tetzlaff

Former Hitchcock lenser Ted Tetzlaff (THE WINDOW) expertly helms this slam-bang murder mystery about international intrigue, a missing map and murder. Pat O’Brien and Anne Jeffreys volley the snappy dialogue back and forth while the sinister bulk of Walter Slezak ominously hovers. The RKO lot effectively doubles as Central America with Percy Kilbride as a wiseacre Panama City hack driver. Don’t miss the astounding opening sequence!

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