2015, 104 min, Austria, Dir: Marie Kreutzer

John Gruber (Manuel Rubey) is the epitome of arrogance; between business trips, nightclubs and countless one-night stands, the dry-witted cynic has little left for anyone else, and that’s how he likes it. But Berlin-based DJ Sarah (Bernadette Heerwagen) turns his self-centered world on its head when, after their night together, she reads him the diagnosis of his recent stomach problems – a tumor. Gruber’s façade quickly crumbles, and with a new regimen of chemotherapy and a growing infatuation with Sarah, Gruber slowly begins to drop his guard. But will he really change? Kreutzer’s faithful adaptation of Doris Knecht’s best-selling novel is strengthened by cinematographer Leena Koppe’s ability to capture Gruber’s darkly comical transition from distant loner to a man finding himself. In German with English subtitles.

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