2015, 105 min, Belgium/Luxembourg/Netherlands, Dir: Antoine Cuypers

At the center of director Antoine Cuypers’ feature debut is 30-something Cedric (Thomas Blanchard), who still lives at home - though not entirely of his own will. This disturbing and thought-provoking profile of a family at the breaking point is anchored by outstanding performances from Blanchard and Nathalie Baye as Cedric’s mother.

2015, 85 min, Luxembourg, Dir: Jacques Molitor

Flëpp (Max Thommes) has always been a mama’s boy – until Leena (Maja Juric) arrives. Can the mysterious young runaway coax Flëpp from the unhealthy orbit of his manic-depressive mother and into a world beyond his small hometown? In Luxembourgish and English with English subtitles.

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