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2019, 120 min, Argentina/Spain, Dir: Juan José Campanella

Juan José Campanella’s first live-action feature since Oscar winner THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES shows the writer-director to be as adept with comedy as he is with drama. When two fans show up at the mansion where an aging actress (Graciela Borges) resides with her retinue, their flattery masks their real intent - to acquire the property for real estate development. “Enjoyably over-the-top, well-played and in some passages an homage to those acid, preposterous Ealing comedies, WEASEL’S TALE’s script cleverly pits two kinds of actors against one another - traditional movie star vs entrepreneurial whiz kid - to see who comes out on top, and the result is often sharp, funny and never dull.” - Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter.

2019, 116 min, Argentina/Spain, Dir: Sebastián Borensztein

Ricardo Darín and son Chino team onscreen for the first time in this crowd-pleasing heist comedy, Argentina’s official Oscar submission for International Film. Set at the end of 2001, it centers on a group of townspeople who pool their money to set up an agricultural cooperative only to lose it all in the country’s banking crisis (the “corralito”). But when they learn they’d been set up by a banker, the motley crew devise a plan to steal back what’s rightfully theirs. With Luis Brandoni.

2019, 90 min, Argentina/Spain, Dir: Mariano Cohn

A box office hit in Argentina, this wild tale of crime and punishment was inspired by actual events. Peter Lanzani stars as Ciro, a petty thief in Buenos Aires who breaks into a 4x4 truck to steal its stereo system and gets caught inside. When the car phone rings, he picks it up – only to be told by the vehicle’s owner that he has soundproofed and polarized the interior so that no one will know someone is trapped inside. Dady Brieva costars as Ciro’s tormentor in a claustrophobic thriller from the director and writer behind THE DISTINGUISHED CITIZEN.

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