2016, CBS Films, 102 min, Dir: David Mackenzie

Desperate to keep their family farm afloat, brothers Toby (Chris Pine) and Tanner (Ben Foster) turn to bank robbery. They’re pretty good at it – but a pursuing Texas Ranger (Jeff Bridges) is pretty good at his job, too. Taylor Sheridan’s Black List-winning script features well-drawn characters and a piercing take on Western ideals in an era of reverse mortgages. “A thrillingly good movie — a crackerjack drama of crime, fear and brotherly love set in a sun-roasted, deceptively sleepy West Texas that feels completely exotic for being so authentic.” - Owen Gleiberman, Variety.

2015, Cohen Media Group, 97 min, France/Turkey, Dir: Deniz Gamze Ergüven

When five sisters take an innocent walk on the beach with a few male friends, things get blown way out of proportion in this affecting drama set in northern Turkey. The girls’ conservative grandmother cracks down, confining them to a home that becomes a prison/wife factory – but these young women have a spirit that refuses to be broken. Buoyed by superb performances (all the more impressive given this is the feature debut of Ergüven and most of her lead actresses), MUSTANG is as powerful as it is timely. “What makes the transfixing film so effective is that the director refuses to portray [the girls] simplistically, as misunderstood angels, and she has enough trust in her audience to leave the drama's implicit feminism unstated.” - David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter. In Turkish with English subtitles.

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