2016, Film Factory, 92 min, Spain, Dir: Raúl Arévalo

The patient man of the title is José (Antonio de la Torre), a patron of a low-rent Madrid cafe who take an interest in one of its waitresses, Ana (Ruth Díaz). But his intent is not simply romantic - Ana’s husband is a getaway car driver whose prison sentence for a botched jewelry store robbery is almost up. Winner of four Goya Awards, including Best Film. “Spanish actor-turned-director Raúl Arévalo quickly brings his deeply impressive debut under control, reining in the narrative with a hand that betrays almost none of a neophyte’s unsteadiness.” - Jessica Kiang, Variety.

2017, 92 min, Germany, Dir: Stefan Ruzowitzky

In this smart and gritty film from the director of ANATOMY and Oscar winner THE COUNTERFEITERS, Özge (Violetta Schurawlow) is a second-generation Turkish woman just getting by in Vienna, where she drives taxis and takes night classes. After she witnesses a murder in a nearby apartment - and the killer sees her - Özge faces a whole new struggle for survival, one that is complicated by a police detective (Tobias Moretti) distrustful of immigrants. Awash in the colors and shadows of Italian giallo films and the violence of ’80s American B-movies, COLD HELL is never anything less than thrilling.

2017, 108 min, France, Dir: Coralie Fargeat

The setup is familiar - Jennifer is on a weekend getaway with her wealthy lover when his friends turn up unexpectedly and set their sights on her - but this is not that movie. This is the story of a smart and vicious woman who will survive, no matter the odds; there will be blood, but it will not be Jennifer’s. Flipping the “rape-revenge” movie on its head, Coralie Fargeat’s subversive feature debut is everything the genre needs: a reinvention not only of the setting, the characters and the language but also a condemnation of the tropes we have all tolerated up to this point.

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