1963, Park Circus/MGM, 75 min, USA, Dir: Francis Ford Coppola

Director Francis Ford Coppola’s low-budget feature debut was one of the few pictures to effectively meld a contemporary PSYCHO-type scenario with Gothic horror motifs. When John dies of a heart attack, his wife Louise (Luana Anders) knows she won’t get any part of his mother’s inheritance if the family finds out he’s dead. She travels to the family castle in Ireland to finagle her way into a fortune, but must deal with John’s artist brother (William Campbell), his new wife (Mary Mitchel), younger brother Billy (Bart Patton) and a still-alive matriarch. Then someone starts chopping people up with an ax! Fast-moving, with a memorably great score by Ronald Stein and an uncredited Les Baxter. Produced by Roger Corman. “Francis Ford Coppola's first mainstream feature…is a little gem of Gothic horror, stylishly helmed on a shoestring budget.” - TV Guide

2012, Beta Cinema, 97 min, Germany, Dir: Georg Maas

Born to a Norwegian mother (Liv Ullmann, in what the actress has said will be her final role) and a German soldier, Katrine (Juliane Köhler) has lived happily in Norway for 20 years – until a lawsuit arising from the WWII occupation threatens to divide her family. Based on actual events. With English subtitles.

2013, Latido Films, 106 min, Argentina, Dir: Hernán Goldfrid

Ricardo Darin (THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES) stars as Roberto Bermudez, a brilliant former lawyer who now teaches at a university. After a woman is murdered near the school, one of Bermudez’s students (Alberto Ammann) takes an unusual interest in the case. Could this mysterious young man be the killer - and is he now toying with the law professor? In Spanish with English subtitles.

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