1963, Janus Films, 92 min, UK, Dir: Peter Brook

Acclaimed U.K. theater director Peter Brook gives William Golding’s classic novel its first (and most faithful) big-screen adaptation. A plane crash strands a group of British schoolboys on an uninhabited island; removed from civilization, they descend into brutality and split into rival tribes. With a couple of exceptions (including James Aubrey, who stars as Ralph) the actors were all non-professional, but they prove convincing as young savages, making this stark B&W allegory all the more chilling.

1978, Vinegar Syndrome, 83 min, USA, Dir: Alfredo Zacarias

Genre icons John Saxon (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET) and John Carradine (THE HOWLING) are in a race against time as a swarm of South American killer bees has invaded the United States. With each attempt to thwart the threat, the bees become stronger and more intelligent than their human foes.

1977, Film Ventures Intl., 97 min, Dir: William Girdler

It’s man versus Mother Nature, and she’s packing razor-sharp claws and teeth. With the ozone depleted, a group of nature-happy hikers pays the ultimate price as radiation-crazed animals run amok. There’s mountain lions, grizzly bears and shirtless Leslie Nielsens … oh my!

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