1970, Kino Lorber, 88 min, Italy/Spain, Dir: Mario Bava

Wealthy psychopath and wedding dress designer Stephen Forsyth is perfectly aware that he is crazy, and he skillfully covers his tracks as he stalks and murders potential brides before their nuptials. He’s also tormented by a childhood secret that he can’t quite remember, an overwhelming force that sucks him ever deeper into the maw of madness. His own bitter wife (Laura Betti) finally pushes him over the edge to where he can no longer distinguish between fantasy and reality. The deliciously macabre script was co-written by Spanish genre specialist Santiago Moncada (A BELL FROM HELL) and an uncredited Bava. “… one of Mario Bava's … most playful thrillers, a demented black comedy that pokes fun at the murderous psychos which were littering the European cinema screens during the late '60s … a beautifully filmed drawing room murder tale which unexpectedly leaps midstream into a bizarre and wholly original ghost story.” – Mondo-Digital.com.

1980, Analysis Film Releasing, 87 min, USA, Dir: William Lustig

Character actor extraordinaire Joe Spinell wrote the script and plays the title role in this deeply disturbing portrait of a man whose abusive upbringing turns him into a serial killer.

1971, American Genre Film Archive, 87 min, USA, Dir: Tom Hanson

"Who is he? What is he? When is he going to strike again?” This ripped-from-the-headlines exploitation flick inspired by the infamous Bay Area serial killings beat DIRTY HARRY into theaters by eight months. Hal Reed plays the title role, a mail carrier (and Satanist) who mocks authorities as he carries on his bloody work.

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