1973, MGM Repertory, 114 min, Dir: Michael Winner

CIA agent Cross (Burt Lancaster) is accused of treason and marked for death; Jean Laurier (Alain Delon) is the expert assassin sent to kill him. There's only one problem for Laurier: the two men are close friends.

1972, MGM Repertory, 100 min, Dir: Michael Winner

Ace assassin Charles Bronson takes on protege Jan-Michael Vincent, but as he teaches him the tricks of the trade, the master begins to realize he might be training his own future adversary. Twists and turns abound in this riveting action film.

1967, MGM Repertory, 105 min, Dir: Bryan Forbes

Elderly Margaret Ross (Edith Evans) hears unearthly whispers in the solitude of her home. When her thieving son and woebegone husband turn up suddenly, Margaret’s unsettling fantasy life turns into a nightmare. With a haunting score by composer John Barry.

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