1973, Paramount, 102 min, USA, Dir: Peter Yates

Director Peter Yates (BULLITT) directs the adaptation of George V. Higgins’ brilliant slice-of-Boston-lowlife crime novel. Robert Mitchum is at his finest as streetwise Eddie Coyle, a blue-collar fence squeezed between the feds and his hoodlum cohorts, all while trying to support his family.

1968, Warner Bros., 113 min, USA, Dir: Peter Yates

In this pared-to-the-bone thriller, über-cool San Francisco police detective Steve McQueen goes up against mob hit men, as well as ambitious bureaucrat Robert Vaughn, as he fights to safeguard a witness. With Jacqueline Bisset.

1991, Sony Repertory, 127 min, USA, Dir: Paul Verhoeven

Director Paul Verhoeven’s super-steamy erotic thriller pits embittered police detective Michael Douglas against the bisexual queen of femmes fatale, Sharon Stone, a twisted goddess and writer who may just be the ice-pick murderer the cops are searching for. Joe Eszterhas’ screenplay is notoriously politically incorrect in this extremely entertaining chess game of terminal seduction.

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