2012, Summit Entertainment, 101 min, USA, Dir: Rob Cohen

Washington DC detective Alex Cross (Tyler Perry) learns that a family member has been murdered, and vows to find the diabolical serial killer (Matthew Fox), who goes by “Picasso.” Based on the best-selling James Patterson novel Cross. With Giancarlo Esposito.

1972, 20th Century Fox, 108 min, USA, Dir: Robert Mulligan

This creepy adaptation of Tom Tryon’s best-seller is set on a New England farm in the mid-1930s, where strange happenings begin to swirl around twins Niles and Holland Perry. With their mother (Diana Muldaur) reduced to a recluse by her husband’s recent death, the boys gravitate to their grandmother (played by famed acting teacher Uta Hagen). She teaches one of them how to play “the great game” - a way to project the mind outside the body - which has grave consequences when it turns out the pair are much less angelic than they initially appear. Jerry Goldsmith composed the darkly atmospheric score.

1943, Warner Bros., 69 min, USA, Dir: Jacques Tourneur

Canadian nurse Betsy (Frances Dee) travels to the Caribbean’s Dutch-colonized Saint Sebastian Island to care for the comatose wife of sugar baron Paul Holland (Tom Conway). But Betsy’s exotic new surroundings begin to have a seductive stranglehold on her - and not just because she’s falling in love with her employer - and the young woman is increasingly drawn into the island’s native voodoo cult. Another top-rate collaboration from Jacques Tourneur and Val Lewton, this atmospheric classic weaves the stark horrors of imperialism and slavery into a taut, terrifying masterpiece.

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