2003, Warner Bros., 109 min, USA, Dir: Jonathan Mostow

Female terminator Kristanna Loken arrives from the future to try to kill young John Connor (Nick Stahl) once and for all - but she's going to have to fight off Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-101 to get to him. Taking over the reins of the franchise from James Cameron, director Jonathan Mostow creates a slam-bang entertainment filled with non-stop action and dazzling special effects by Stan Winston.

1984, Park Circus/MGM, 108 min, USA, Dir: James Cameron

"I’ll be back," growls metal-machine Arnold Schwarzenegger - and James Cameron’s career kicked into overdrive with this story of a cyborg killer from the future tracking down human prey Linda Hamilton. Shot on a very lean budget of $6.5 million, with excellent F/X by Stan Winston and Fantasy II, THE TERMINATOR is pulp sci-fi at its very best. "I don’t think we were trying to set the world on fire ... I just came up with a way of juxtaposing futuristic elements with a kind of everyday reality." - Cameron.

2010, 80 min, Croatia, Dir: Nevio Marasovic

In the near future, successful TV producer Filip (Sven Medvesek) has just launched a reality show focusing on the lives of six couples living together, a direct competitor to his ex-wife’s higher-rated news show. When the much-speculated World War III breaks out, Filip hides the international news from his sequestered contestants, who continue with their sheltered on-set lives as if nothing has happened. Filip suddenly finds himself with a massively popular escapist TV show on his hands, and must grapple with the slippery morals that go along with it while trying to protect his son from the harsh realities of war. In Croatian with English subtitles.

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