1985, 91 min, New Zealand, Dir: Geoff Murphy

New Zealand scientist Zac Hobson (Bruno Lawrence) awakens one morning to discover that his global energy research experiment “Project Flashlight” has caused all of humanity to vanish. Just as the solitude drives Zac to the brink of madness, two others appear: a young woman (Alison Routledge) and a Maori man (Pete Smith). But how did these three survive? And is there another apocalyptic event on the horizon? Based on the Craig Harrison novel, THE QUIET EARTH is a sci-fi thriller whose mysteries will keep you thinking long after its haunting final image.

1976, 88 min, USA, Dir: Bert I. Gordon

In this cult classic adaptation of the H.G. Wells novel, a strange substance bubbling up on an island in British Columbia puts everything that eats it on a serious growth spurt; when a pro footballer (Marjoe Gortner) and his friends go camping on the island, giant killer wasps are just the beginning of their problems. Another enjoyable exploitation effort by director Bert I. Gordon (AIP’s go-to guy for nature-gone-bad flicks), FOOD OF THE GODS slips in sly winks at fundamentalists, ecologists and capitalists while critters the size of SUVs stalk the screen. Also starring Pamela Franklin, Ralph Meeker and the great Ida Lupino, who starts the whole thing off by feeding the mysterious goo to her chickens.

1957, Warner Bros., 66 min, USA, Dir: Bert I. Gordon

When test pilot Bruce Barton goes missing, his girlfriend organizes a search party that includes a scientist, a pilot, and a mining expert (played by horror icon Lon Chaney Jr.). Flying into a Mexican jungle, the group encounters enormous mutant snakes and bugs, and that's nothing compared to the 50-foot title character they eventually find! B-movie auteur Bert I. Gordon directs this classic of 1950s sci-fi horror.

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