1965, Paramount, 119 min, USA, Dir: Sidney Lumet

Rod Steiger is the pawnbroker of the title, an emotionally constricted Holocaust survivor whose efforts to cut himself off from others are severely tested.

1961, 20th Century Fox, 100 min, UK, Dir: Jack Clayton

Director Jack Clayton also directed British New Wave gems ROOM AT THE TOP and THE PUMPKIN EATER, but his most famous film remains this goosepimple-inducing, shuddery adaptation of Henry James’ classic ghost story, “Turn Of The Screw.” Deborah Kerr is a repressed governess who is convinced that the ghosts of the previous governess and the woman’s equally dead, cruel lover, Quint (Peter Wyngarde), haunt the mansion and grounds of her innocent young charges (Martin Stephens, Pamela Franklin). Reality, superstition and warped psychology collide in this riveting, brilliantly photographed jewel of a film (lensed by future horror director Freddie Francis).

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