1943, Warner Bros., 69 min, USA, Dir: Jacques Tourneur

Canadian nurse Betsy (Frances Dee) travels to the Caribbean’s Dutch-colonized Saint Sebastian Island to care for the comatose wife of sugar baron Paul Holland (Tom Conway). But Betsy’s exotic new surroundings begin to have a seductive stranglehold on her - and not just because she’s falling in love with her employer - and the young woman is increasingly drawn into the island’s native voodoo cult. Another top-rate collaboration from Jacques Tourneur and Val Lewton, this atmospheric classic weaves the stark horrors of imperialism and slavery into a taut, terrifying masterpiece.

1964, Ben Barry & Association, 93 min, USA, Dir: Samuel Fuller

A prostitute (Constance Towers) attempts to turn her life around but, after establishing herself as a nurse in a small town, she discovers that her fiancé has a terrible, shattering secret. Also starring Michael Dante and Anthony Eisley. Photographed by Stanley Cortez, this unique pulp melodrama is Samuel Fuller’s most potent examination of appearance and reality with respect to the “American dream.” "In NAKED KISS, I maintained that no matter how low someone is in the depths of their profession, there’s someone lower." - Fuller

1957, 20th Century Fox, 79 min, USA, Dir: Samuel Fuller

Director Sam Fuller had to sacrifice his original title, WOMAN WITH A WHIP, but kept everything else - from Barbara Stanwyck’s black-leather dominatrix gear to the film’s naked gun-lust (Her: "May I feel it?" Him: "It might go off in your face."). Still the most subversively entertaining Western ever made, a surreal dreamscape in which nothing is motivated by natural laws. With Barry Sullivan, Gene Barry. "It’s not even really a Western - I don’t know what it is... FORTY GUNS doesn’t care." - Martin Scorsese.

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