2010, AGFA, 64 min, Uganda, Dir: Nabwana I.G.G.

Welcome to Wakaliwood, Uganda, home of vanguards of DIY commando cinema writer-producer-director Nabwana Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey (IGG) and producer-star Alan Ssali Hofmanis. This crack crew of self-taught filmmakers and martial arts aficionados produce dozens of gonzo action films in the Kampala ghetto with budgets that rarely exceed $200. “WHO KILLED CAPTAIN ALEX? features Ugandan commandos, kung fu, a MIDI version of Seal’s ‘Kiss From a Rose,’ a rambunctious (and sometimes farting) in-film commentary track, and some more supa action. It’s a bat-shit crazy milestone to be honored in the film history books.” - Nick Allen, The Film Stage.

1968, MondoTV, 105 min, Italy, Dir: Pier Paolo Pasolini

A startling allegory and impenetrable mystery, TEOREMA follows the strange sexual exploits of a family that falls prey to the allure of a sudden intruder. Terence Stamp delivers an eerie performance as the mysterious guest, known only as “the Visitor,” who completely enamors family members Silvana Mangano, Massimo Girotti, Anne Wiazemsky and Andrés José Cruz Soublette. The second installment of Pasolini’s “Mythical Cycle” and the first time he worked primarily with professional actors, the film is a haunting critique of bourgeois society.

1982, Blue Underground, 85 min, Italy, Dir: Lucio Fulci

Quack! Quack! Quack! A killer stalks the streets of the City That Never Sleeps, targeting young women at random. Leaving no clues other than that he “sounds like a duck,” it's up to a grizzled cop and a psychoanalyst to decode the quacking. Following up his zombie quadrilogy, director Lucio Fulci's ultra-violent grindhouse giallo/slasher hybrid slices up the Big Apple into bloody pieces. A true slab of sleaze cinema so vile that only showering immediately afterward will help you feel clean.

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