NICO, 1988
2018, Magnolia Pictures, 93 min, Italy/Belgium, Dir: Susanna Nicchiarelli

This riveting late-career biopic features a tour de force performance by Trine Dyrholm as famed singer-songwriter Nico, who approaches 50 leading a solitary existence in Manchester, England, far from her glory days as a Warhol superstar and celebrated vocalist for The Velvet Underground. Her life and career on the ropes, Nico is convinced by her new manager, Richard (John Gordon Sinclair), to hit the road again and tour Europe to promote her latest album. Struggling with her demons and the consequences of years of addiction, she longs to rebuild a relationship with the son (Sandor Funtek) whose custody she lost long ago. A brave and uncompromising musician, Nico’s is the story of an artist, a mother and the woman behind the icon. “Dyrholm’s performance is a powerhouse of authenticity. Her moroseness is mesmerizing, but she also gives Nico a tense intelligence, and her singing is uncanny.” - Owen Gleiberman, Variety.

1966, MoMA, 70 min, USA, Dir: Andy Warhol

Subtitled “A Symphony of Sound,” this film captures the alternative rock quartet, plus chanteuse Nico, rehearsing together at Andy Warhol’s Factory. Consisting of one long, improvised jam (which gets stopped by New York City cops, presumably because of noise complaints), the film pulsates with wild zooms and kinetic camerawork courtesy of Paul Morrissey.

1972, The Film Desk, 60 min, France, Dir: Philippe Garrel

Perhaps the most striking of several collaborations between Philippe Garrel and singer-songwriter Nico (the director’s longtime lover and muse), this experimental travelogue was shot in such disparate locations as Death Valley and Iceland, and is filled with stark, dreamlike imagery. As well as appearing onscreen, Nico supplied the music to the film, much of which would appear on her "Desertshore" album.

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